OF MID MISSOURI

Since 1990

IEI can design, fabricate, and install all types of HVAC, Mechanical, Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Supports, Steel and Pipe Assemblies, Weldments and Sheet metal.
Our 12,600-sq. ft. office and shop facility is located just west of the city limits of Jefferson City in an area known as Apache Flats. We also have approximately 2,500-sq. ft. of indoor storage for tools, fabricated items and materials awaiting shipment to the jobsites. This facility includes 4 acres of concrete and crush stone for outside work area and parking.
We have shop equipment that allows us to shear heavy plates through 3/8", break plates up to 1/2" or roll plates through 7/8".
We manufacture and assemble various types of parts, supports, and frames.
In addition we have tooling and equipment to punch, drill, shear and weld any parts required for our structural and flat sheet fabrications.
We have fork trucks and overhead hoisting to assist in the manufacturing and handling of heavy items.
Our facility is equipped to perform cleaning, sandblasting, prime and finish painting of all fabrications to meet the owner?s requirements.
We have an in-house computerized accounting and job cost system, which provides us with prompt and accurate reporting of all job costs. This allows us to closely monitor and manage each phase of every project so that we can provide the owner with timely information about the scheduling and cost of their projects.
If the owner requires CADD drawings, we can provide these using AutoCad. We can provide these drawings as approval/working drawings to the owner so they can maintain up-to-date information about their facilities.
For those customers that may need an equipment survey or an audit of their existing mechanical systems, IEI can also provide this service. We can furnish the trained and qualified personnel to gather the appropriate information about your facility. This information will then be analyzed and evaluated to determine if this equipment has been correctly sized and is working properly to meet your present needs, and to comply with the requirements of regulatory agencies. We can make recommendations as to immediate service needs, additional systems or equipment required and the estimated cost to make these improvements.